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Profielfoto Jeroen Van Schependom

Jeroen Van Schependom

Docent, Academic staff


Jeroen obtained his Master of Sciences in Engineering Physics (burgerlijk natuurkundig ingenieur) at Ghent University and started his PhD on neurophysiological markers of cognitive deterioration in multiple sclerosis under supervision of Guy Nagels (PhD MD, MSc-Eng) at the Center For Neuroscience (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and UMons, leading to a joint PhD in 2015. In collaboration with different national and international partners he aims at identifying brain structures and patterns of brain activity during rest or task conditions that can be interpreted and elaborated into biomarkers for cognitive impairment and deterioration in multiple sclerosis and other neuropsychiatric diseases.

Jeroen is currently working as an interdisciplinary Senior Research Fellow and associate professor (docent) at the intersection of engineering and medical sciences with the aim of improving our understanding of how brain damage affects brain functioning

His full CV is available here: pdf fileCV Jeroen Van Schependom (4.13 MB)